Molecular Cloning – Extraction, PCR, Electrophoresis

Molecular Cloning, the process of manipulating DNA using molecular biology tools and hosting this DNA in bacterial or microbial hosts, is a fundamental part of modern Biomedical and Biotechnological research. A range of tools can be used for molecular cloning applications such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), electrophoresis and electroporation. You can browse our available products in the tabs below:

Web Scientific provide a wide range of reagents and equipment for performing and analyzing PCR experiments and protocols. Check out some of our most popular item below:

At Web Scientific we supply a variety of products to aid the efficiency and reliability of routine PCR analysis, whether it be one of our robust MegaMixes designed for reproducible, trouble free amplification, or even our ultra-pure Molecular Biology Grade water supplied in convenient dropper bottles, all of our products provide a quality you can truly rely on.

In partnership with Cleaver Scientific we now offer 2 models of thermal cycler for performing routine PCR, or more complex protocols using the 6 section variable temperature control features in the GTC 96S:

Our parent company, Thistle Scientific has been supplying plastics for Life Science Research, etc., for the last 15+ years, the most notable being the Axygen range. Like Thistle, Web Scientific offers a range of plastics for PCR applications, from a variety of different 96 and 384-well plates to tubes of different sizes, including 4-tube strips for the Rotagene.

We offer a range of cabinets in different sizes. These UV Sterilisation Cabinets provide a convenientarea for setting up PCR reactions in a nucleic acid free environment thus limiting PCR reaction contamination

DNA and RNA extraction are both important parts of Molecular Cloning and related analysis, we stock arange of chemicals and equipment for performing these processes.

We supply a range of products for DNA and RNA extraction, including Phenol, Phenol/Chloroform, Phenol/Chloroform/Iso Amyl Alcohol and Tris buffer. In addition we also supply the unique and more specialised Tri-Reagent & L2 and L6 buffers which are used in conjunction with a novel extraction matrix.

We supply a variety of convenient, ready-to-use reagents designed for the isolation of total RNA that is free from protein and DNA contamination. Isolated RNA is suitable for Northern blots, dot blot hybridization, in-vitro translation, RT-PCR, RNase protection assays and poly (A+) selection, depending on the exact reagent used.

Various equipment is required for use in DNA and RNA extraction procedures, such as micro-centrifuges, homogenizers and cooling solutions, we have everything you'll need:

What is electrophoresis?

Electrophoresis is an electrokinetic process which separates charged particles in a fluid using a field of electrical charge. It is most often used in life sciences to separate protein molecules or DNA and can be achieved through several different procedures depending on the type and size of the molecules. The procedures differ in some ways but all need a source for the electrical charge, a support medium and a buffer solution. Electrophoresis is used in laboratories for the separation of molecules based on size, density and purity. How does it work?

An electric field is applied to molecules and as they are electrically charged themselves it results in a force acting upon them. The greater the charge of the molecule the greater the force applied by the electrical field and therefore the further through the support medium the molecule will move relative to its mass.

Some example applications of electrophoresis include DNA and RNA analysis as well as protein electrophoresis which is a medical procedure used to analyse and separate the molecules found in a fluid sample (most commonly blood and urine samples).

Vertical Electrophoresis is used for the separation of protein samples to determine their molecular weight in kilodaltons. Gels are cast upright between glass plates using a polymer called acrylamide and and polymerizing agents that causes solidification of the gel. This creates a pore matrix for the proteins, often denatured by a detergent, to pass through and separate depending on their size. smaller molecules migrate further due to less obstruction within the gel matrix. To run a vertical gel, you'll need a vertical gel tank and caster as well as a power supply and associated buffers. All these can be found in our electrophoresis section or below:

Buffers and Ladders:

Horizontal Electrophoresis is generally used to separate nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA. Gels are cast in a horizontal tray with dams at each end to prevent leakage. These gels are then moved into a 'Sub' style tank and immersed in running buffer. Our electrophoresis tanks are supplied by Cleaver Scientific and are injection molded to prevent leakage as well as having a large number of additional features. You can read more about the tanks on their products pages:

Web Scientific offers options for high throughput horizontal electrophoresis for the most demanding labs. From Cleaver Scientific we offer the MultiSUB MIDI96 system, designed specifically to load an entire 96 well pate using multi-channel pipettes, the comb block can also be used to cast standard MIDI sized gels when lower throughput high resolution separation are required:

This system has offset combs allowing the rows to run between each other to improve run length, check out the full range below:

Our second option is the RunOne all in one system from EmbiTec, this system has a built in power supply and is compatible with our precast agarose gels, perfect for demanding labs without the time to pour their own gels:

From Cleaver Scientific, we offer the runVIEW real time horizontal electrophoresis system. This system features real time visualization of DNA stained with Ethidum Bromide or other compatible stains such as SYBR safe and runSAFE. The system uses blue light that does not harm DNA and a filter material built into the tank lid. The compatible runDOC can capture images during the run or once complete.

Web Scientific carries a range of equipment and reagents used in the process of moving DNA into the desired cells, browse our range here:

Our range of Electroporation cuvettes are designed to maximise molecular electroporation and electrofusion efficiencies for Bacteria, Yeast, Insect, Plant and Mammalian cells. Each batch of cuvettes has to undergo rigorous testing at several stages during the manufacturing process for engineering tolerances, biocompatibility and sterility, prior to their being Quality tested for optimal and reproducible impedance measurements.

  • Compatibility - Our cuvettes are compatible with most electroporation systems
  • Bio-Controlled - All batches are checked to optimise the Bio and Transfection compatibility, with stringent use of high quality grade polycarbonate and High grade chemicals to ensure consistent uniform pulse generation and improved gene transfer
  • High Tolerance Moulding - The moulding process ensures extremely high tolerances so that the electrodes have a consistent gap and parallel configuration. The electrodes are also cleaned chemically and physically to fully optimise the cuvette for high transformation efficiencies
  • Cap Design - The cap has been designed to improve aseptic handling techniques, while the lip and positive seal reduces potential aerosol and contamination issues
  • Size Range and Colour Coded - Available in 1mm, 2mm and 4mm gap sizes with individual colour caps
  • Sterile Packaged - Every cuvette is guaranteed sterile, packed using gamma irradiation and has a simple tear wrapper for easy access when you need it
  • Low Dead Volumes - All 1mm and 2mm cuvettes have a tapered V bottom so that reduced sample volumes can be used while aiding sample pick up and minimising dead volumes

Heat Shock is a common way to move DNA into bacterial cells. Web Scientific carries a great range of heat blocks that can be used for this process, check them out below:

When transforming bacterial cells, optimal media is required to gain the highest yields. Web Scientific stock high quality SOC and SOB media for recovery after trasnformation: