ABT – Agarose Beads and Resins for Protein Purification

Web Scientific offers a wide range of non-activated agarose beads for Size Exclusion & activation procedures, as well as a variety of activated beads for Affinity Chromatography and Pre-activated resins for coupling of affinity ligands (Immobilization). The catalog for separation media includes Low Pressure products for R&D scale, and High Pressure media (Rapid Run™ beads) for industrial scale separations.

All of the resins that we offer are manufactured by Agarose Bead Technologies, Spain. ABT is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company dedicated to the research and development of biotechnological separation/purification products derived from agarose. The company uses its years of knowledge and expertise to bring the benefit of agarose beads to other application fields (microfluidics and microarrays) through their Customized Agarose Bead Program in which cooperative relationships with our customers is encouraged. ABT can customize beads for a variety of applications by analyzing possible parameter variations such as pore size, bead size, monodispersion, bead concentration and others.

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