EmbiTec – Electrophoresis and Precast Agarose

Embi Tec is a US based manufacturer of pre-cast gels and electrophoresis systems. The pre-cast agarose gels supplied by Web Scientific are sourced from Embi Tec who also manufacture the well known RunOne electrophoresis system. Gels are available in a variety of formats, whether it be Landscape or Portrait, differing in % agarose content, size (medium, long, extra long) or w & w/o Ethidium staining. We have something to suit the majority of applications.

RunOne system

RunOne electrophoresis systems are designed for ultimate convenience and space saving in busy high throughput laboratories. With a self-sealing horizontal casting system for agarose and acrylamide gels, compact gel rig and integrated power supply, the RunOne system gives you a powerfully simple way to cast and run DNA gels using the minimum of bench space. A variety of multicasters designed for specific applications such as HLA typing allow for uncompromised sample analysis. Monitoring of gels has never been easier with the option of a power supply which can be fully time-controlled. The timer counts down from the time you set allowing defined run times and ‘beeps’ at the end of the run, cutting power to the gel. The timer then counts up so you know how long the gel has finished running.

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