AlumaSeal CS Films, Non-Sterile, Pk100.

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Formerly WTS-7048

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AlumaSeal CSTM sealing films are specially formulated 50 µm aluminum foil sealing films with a 50 µm layer of acrylic adhesive that withstands cold storage at temperatures to -80 °C. Unlike other sealing films in the AlumaSeal group, AlumaSeal CS sealing films are not recommended for PCR or thermocycling. A single non-perforated end tab simplifies application. Simply hold the tab and strip the backing from the body of the sealing film as it lays on the plate to avoid curling. Dimensions are 82.6 by 132.6 mm, including the single 9.5 mm end tab. Recommended temperature range: -80 °C to 120 °C. AlumaSeal CS sealing films are certified DNase-, RNase-, and nucleic-acid-free.

  • specially formulated for cold storage to -80 °C
  • excellent barrier properties to retard evaporation
  • easily pierceable with pipet tips or robotic probes for sample recovery

Completing application of AlumaSeal CS sealing films by pressing with the accessory plate roller assures a secure uniform seal around all wells.