Bacterial ProteaseArrest™

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A broad range, 100X concentrated, ready-to-use protease inhibitor cocktail. Bacterial ProteaseArrest inhibits bacterial serine, cysteine and other bacterial specific proteases including aminopeptidases and aspartic proteases.


An optional EDTA solution is provided for enhanced metalloprotease inhibition. It is not present in the actual Bacterial ProteaseArrest cocktail as it would inhibit the activity of proteins that require divalent cations (Ca2+, Mg2+ or Mn2+) for their biological activity. In addition, EDTA will inhibit the purification of proteins using immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC).


ProteaseArrest Family

Our ProteaseArrest™ is a highly efficient, liquid format general protease inhibitor cocktail that offers >95% protease inhibition.


The ProteaseArrest™ family of inhibitor cocktails includes other species-specific inhibitor cocktails as well, all of which are enhanced with inhibitors specific for that species.  In addition to Bacteria, species-specific cocktails are available for PlantYeast, Fungus and Mammalian samples.


Our Recom ProteaseArrest™ is designed for recombinant protein purification, particularly 6X His tagged proteins. These proteins are purified by IMAC (Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography), which is severely inhibited by the routinely used metalloproteases inhibitor EDTA. Recom ProteaseArrest™ contains a specific bacterial metalloproteases that does not interfere with 6X His protein purification.


Our FOCUS™ ProteaseArrest™ is designed to protect proteins destined for 2D electrophoresis and mass spectrometry analysis. 


  • Bacteria specific protease inhibitor cocktail.
  • 100X concentrated, ready-to-use solution.


  • Inhibition of protease activity in protein preparations of bacterial lysates.
  • Protection of proteins from proteolysis in such applications as electrophoresis, purification, storage, assays, and other applications.

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