Bis-Tris Gels (Gradient)

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Bis-Tris gels from Web Scientific provide a system for the sensitive, high-resolution analysis of proteins and protein complexes for estimations of molecular mass and purity and can be used as a direct replacement for Novex NuPAGE Bis-Tris gels. These gels overcome the limitations of traditional Tris-Glycine systems by providing a near-neutral operating pH and detergent compatibility. Advantages include:

  • Wide molecular weight resolving range
  • Neutral-pH separation which helps preserve the native state of protein complexes
  • Higher resolution than with Tris-Glycine native electrophoresis

We supply Homogeneous & Gradient Bis-Tris Gels with 10%, 12% and 4-12% acrylamide, each one suited to the separation of proteins in different KDa size ranges.

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SKU Polyacrylamide percentageGel ThicknessWell Number Price
AP41210 4-12% 1.0mm 10 £129.00
AP41212 4-12% 1.0mm 12 £129.00
AP41215 4-12% 1.0mm 15 £129.00
AP41250 4-12% 1.5mm 10 £174.00
AP41252 4-12% 1.5mm 12 £174.00
AP41255 4-12% 1.5mm 15 £174.00