Blocking Agents Trial Pack

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The Blocking Agents Trial Packs are a set of four G-Biosciences proprietary blocking agents for immunoassays with one being a non-animal protein blocker and another protein free that minimizes the risk of non-specific binding of antibodies during the immunoassay. Each blocking buffer provided in the pack is suitable for 6 mini blots (7.5cm x 8.5cm size) except NAP-Blocker, which is good for 12 mini blots and are suitable for Western Blot and ELISA experiments. 

Two packs are available with the blocking agents supplied in either PBS or TBS.


  • NAP-Blocker™ [2X]
  • Superior™ Blocking Buffer
  • Protein-Free Blocking Buffer
  • FirstChoice™ Blocking Buffer






  • Available in PBS or TBS
  • Four blocking agents
  • Non animal blocker
  • Protein Free



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