Blotting Boxes

Key Features

  • Ideal for antibody incubations and washes
  • Range of sizes for diffent blots
  • Clear for easy veiwing of stain progression

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The Cleaver Scientific gel staining/blotting boxes are available in 4 sizes, and are the ideal accessory for incubating blots or staining gels. The two smaller sized boxes are available in packs of ten. The smallest box has dimensions of 9.1 x 6.6cm and a capacity for 3-5ml of solution, ideal for incubating cut blot strips. The next size box in the range holds 6-10ml of solution and is appropriate for mini gels and blots up to 11.7 x 8.9cm. The two larger boxes, available in single packs, can be used for staining gels or incubating blots up to 12 x 12cm or 20 x 16.5cm respectively.

SKU Product Variation Price
CSL-BB9X6 Gel/Blot box £50.00
CSL-BB11X8 Gel/Blot box £59.00
CSL-BB12X12 Gel/Blot box 12 x 12cm 1/pack £64.00
CSL-BB20X16.5 Gel/Blot box 20 x 16.5cm 1/pack £81.00