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Our Boronate resin is designed for the isolation of ribonucleotide and oligonucleotide RNA.


The resin consists of boronic acid covalently linked to a polyacrylamide support that offers simple isolation of small molecular weight compounds that have cis-diol groups.


Mechanism: The boronic acid interacts with the cis-diol groups, found in the sugar portion of nucleotides, forming a reversible five member ring complex. Impurities are washed away and then the complex dissociated by low pH or presence of sorbitol.


The polyacrylamide support excludes >6000 Da molecules from entering the resin bed and therefore is suitable only for small molecules.



  • Polyacrylamide gel
  • >1.2meq/g boronate load capacity
  • >130µmol sorbitol/ml gel binding capacity
  • 6000Da exclusion limit
  • 45-90µm wet bead size



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