CasPASE Apoptosis Colorimetric Assay™

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The CasPASE™ Apoptosis Colorimetric Assay provides a simple and easy to follow method for assaying caspases 1-10, a key early indicator of apoptosis in mammalian cells.


The assay is based on the detection of cleavage of a synthetic substrate, which is labeled with the chromophore ρ-nitroaniline (ρNA) at the C-terminal. When liberated from the peptide, ρNA produces an optical change that can be detected by reading the absorbance at 405nm.


The reaction is selectively and irreversibly inhibited by the peptide Z-VAD-FMK. Comparison of the absorbance of an induced / apoptotic sample with an uninduced control allows one to determine the fold-increase in protease activity. The Caspase activity can also be quantitated by using a standard curve established with the free ρNA dye.


CasPASE™ assays are available for caspase enzymes 1 through 10. Each CasPASE™ assay kit is supplied with necessary assay buffers, enzyme specific ρNA-substrate, free dye (ρNA), and the potent caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK for establishing proper positive and negative controls and standards.


Fluorescent Caspase Assays are also available.



  • Assays for caspase enzymes 1 through 10 are available
  • Colorimetric detection (405nm)
  • Conveniently adaptable for high-throughput 96-well format
  • All kits supplied with enzyme specific ρNA-substrate, free dye (ρNA) & inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK



  • Monitor apoptosis by measuring various caspase activities in cells and tissues
  • Use with purified enzyme preparations, cell extracts, and tissue lysates
  • Characterization of caspase enzymes



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