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Unlike dry cellulose acetate strips that are restricted to low volume micro tests, CellasGEL’s greater thickness allows tests to be performed on semi-micro and macro scales using a wide range of specialist applicators. Consequently greater sample-volumes may be loaded as larger, but finer bands over a wider front. This reduces sample saturation and aids densitometric band quantitation, thereby improving resolution.

SKU Product Variation Price
CSLAPPS6 cellasGEL Applicator Semimicro 1 X 6 specimen £348.00
CSLAPPM8 cellasGEL Applicator Micro 8 for cellasGEL £390.00
CSLMEMAPPS6 cellasMEM 6-sample semi-micro applicator £306.00
CSLAPPS22 cellasGEL Applicator Semimicro 2+2 for cellasGEL 2.5x14 cm £348.00
CSLAPPS4SP cellasGEL Applicator Semimicro 1 X 4 specimen £348.00
CSLAPPS4 cellasGEL Applicator Semimicro 4 for 1.2 / 9mm £348.00