CMC-535™ Detergent Assay

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The CMC-535™ Detergent Assay is a simple, fluorescent assay designed for the detection of various detergents in aqueous solutions and is an ideal compliment for the DetergentOUT™ detergent removal columns.  


The basic principle of the assay is the interaction of detergents with the CMC-535™ Fluorescent Dye, resulting in an enhancement of the fluorescent signal that is proportional to the detergent concentration.


The assay can be used to quantitate detergent levels with the use of a standard curves or can be used to compare detergent removal rates to a diluted starting material sample.


The assay is designed to detect detergents at concentrations below their CMC values for most detergents.  The assay is compatible with most aqueous buffers, with the exception of buffers that contain phosphates, including molecules that release phosphates (i.e. ADP and ATP).  As the assay is sensitive to molecules with strong hydrophobic segments, we recommend <1mg/ml protein and <0.1mg/ml nucleic acids.


The assay is suitable for 200 microwell assays.



  • Fluorescent Detergent Assay
  • Calculate detergent levels
  • Monitor Detergent Removal
  • Suitable for most commonly used detergents, including
    • Tween 20 & 80
    • SDS
    • CTAB
    • NP-40
    • Brij 35 & 58
    • Triton X-100
    • Sodium Deoxycholate



  • Monitor detergent removal and calculate detergent concentrations



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