Collapsible PrepOne™ Image Catcher for Smart Devices

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PrepOne™ Image Catcher for Smart Devices

The PrepOne™ Sapphire and Photo Hood for visualizing and taking picture of fluorescent stained gels with a smart phone or smart device.

The photo hood also collapses into 5 flat pieces for easy storage and transportation. 


Set includes:

  • PrepOne Pro Gel Imaging System
  • Amber Filter
  • Two Cutting Mats
  • Fluorescent Ruler
  • Plus a Collapsible Photo Hood for Smart Devices

PrepOne Image Catcher, Qty:1


Black ABS

14.6(w) x 14.6(l) x 15.2(h)cm

12 megapixel or more


530 nm, high quality long-pass filter

PrepOne Sapphire, other blue light boxes or UV light boxes