Collapsible PrepOne™ Image Catcher with WiFi

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The *Collapsible PrepOne Image Capture Hood Camera with WiFi is designed to fit the PrepOne Sapphire Blue Light Illuminator (PI-2100). This product is ideal for capturing high quality images. Because we understand that the location of your illuminator in relation to your computer is not necessarily that convenient, the system has been designed so that gel images can be transferred directly to your computer by WiFi connection, making the process easier than it’s ever been.
Simply connect to your WiFi network with the intuitive instructions on the camera, select your picture and press send or backup!

The Digital Camera included with the PrepOne Image Catcher is 12.0 megapixel. Typical gel doc systems and gel imaging systems on the market are about 1.2-5.0 megapixels

*Its newest feature? The photo hood collapses into 5 flat pieces for easy storage and transportation.


Hood Material:                                   Black ABS

Hood Dimensions:                          14.6(w) x 14.6(l) x 15.2(h)cm

Camera:                                             12 megapixel or more

WiFi Enabled:                                    Yes

Filter:                                                   530 nm, high quality long-pass filter

Compatibility:                                     PrepOne Sapphire, other blue light boxes or UV light boxes