Colloidal Blue Stain

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G-Biosciences Colloidal Blue Stain is a mass spectrometry compatible stain that offers nanogram sensitive detection of proteins. The stain offers ten times more sensitivity compared to classical Coomassie R- or G-250 detection. The Colloidal Blue Stain is able to detect <10ng BSA. In addition,  the protein bands are visualized on crystal clear backgrounds, following a water wash, allowing for optimal densitometry results. 


Based on the original work of Volker Neuhoff et al. Using the colloidal properties of G-250 that reduces free dye in solution, they demonstrated shorter staining times, high sensitivity, clear background without the need for destaining or stepwise staining.


G-Biosciences Colloidal Blue Stain is a single, ready-to-use reagent. The stain is compatible with polyacrylamide, agarose and IEF gels.  


  • Mass spectrometry compatible
  • Highly sensitive (>10ng BSA), outperforms classical Coomassie staining methods
  • Ideal for densitometry analysis, blue bands on clear background
  • Single reagent 



  • For mass spectrometry analysis of proteins
  • Staining proteins in polyacrylamide and agarose gels
  • Staining of proteins in isoelectric focusing gels (IEF)



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