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The Column-PROTEIN-Concentrate™ kit has been specifically developed for concentration of those proteins that cannot be concentrated either by precipitation or other techniques. The kit is based on a proprietary Protein Binding Resin that binds and immobilizes any protein in a low salt buffer between pH 2-12.  The binding capacity is ~0.5mg protein/ml Protein Binding Resin. The immobilized protein is spin-eluted in a small volume of specifically formulated elution buffer, giving several fold effective concentration. The method is gentle and protects protein from denaturation during the concentration process. This kit is suitable for concentration of a total of 4mg protein in either single or multiple procedures. For concentration of larger than 5mg protein, a custom made kit may be ordered. The kit is supplied with a proprietary spin column; the column may be regenerated and reused once.



  • Spin column format for concentration of proteins.
  • Uses a reusable Protein Binding Resin (capacity ~0.5mg protein/ml).
  • Maintains and protects biological activity of proteins.
  • Recovery ~ 100%.



  • Concentration of dilute protein solution.



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