COMPAC-50 High Throughput Comet Assay Tank

Key Features

  • Unique patent pending design.
  • Highly compact design.
  • 50 slides run in 20 mins.
  • Carriers reduce manual handling and decrease the risk of damage/loss of fragile LMP gels

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Developed in collaboration with the Oxidative Stress group at the University of Leicester, the COMPAC-50 is a high throughput electrophoresis system, available exclusively through Cleaver Scientific, to perform the Comet Assay, otherwise known as Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis.  A unique patent pending design employs two carriers to hold a total of 50 slides (25 per carrier) in a vertical laminar orientation.  This provides two distinct advantages over conventional Comet Assay systems: firstly, to produce a highly compact, small footprint system whose economical use of buffer optimises the electrophoretic conditions; and, secondly, by holding 25 slides within a rack this allows all of the slides to be processed in one batch which dramatically reduces assay time.  Consequently, this is not only beneficial for electrophoresis but also in the lysis, neutralisation, staining and washing steps of the Comet Assay, when each batch of slides may be treated during each step respectively using the four ebony acrylic staining dishes supplied.  In addition, the COMPAC-50 benefits from a high performance ceramic cooling base with sliding drawer to accommodate a cool pack, which is frozen before use, to maintain optimal buffer temperature.

The COMPAC-50 marks the first of a new range of innovative systems designed specifically for rapid high throughput single cell gel electrophoresis.

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