Cross-Link Immunoprecipitations

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Immunoprecipitation (IP) is one of the most useful immunochemical techniques. IPs are routinely used to determine  the presence and quantity of an antigen, molecular weight of a polypeptide, rate of synthesis or degradation, identify certain post translational modifications and interactions with other proteins, nucleic acids and ligands. IPs consist of four main steps:

1. Labeling of the antigen (Optional step)
2. Release of antigen by cell lysis
3. Formation of antibody-antigen complexes
4. Purification of the immune complexes.
G-Biosciences Cross-Linking Immunoprecipitation kit contains all the reagents necessary to complete all aspects of immunoprecipitation, with the exception of labeling.  Based on our Classical Immunoprecipitation kit, the Cross-Linking Immunoprecipitation kit incorporates the homobifunctional cross-linker DSS to covalently couple the antibody to the Immobilized Protein A/G resin. This additional cross-linking step prevents contamination of the purified antigen with antibody. The kit is designed for effective immunoprecipitations using <10µg antibody. The kit is suitable for 50 reactions using 10µl Immobilized Protein A/G Agarose.


  • Eliminate Antibody Co-elution. Antibody is covalently coupled to the immobilized Protein A/G.



  •  For traditonal immunoprecipitations without interference from antibody elutions.



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