CryoVial CoolSafe System for 2.0ml CryoVials

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Ideal Use: 2.0ml CryoVials

System Includes:

  • 1 CoolSafe Box with Lid
  • 1 CHAM-3200 Cryo-Vial® Cooling Chamber*
  • One 1ºC and one -10ºC Cool Bricks

*The Cryo-Vial®Cooling Chamber  “Locks In” CryoVials for Easy One Handed Cap Removal.  Locking base holds vial in place as cap is removed.

CoolBrick Notes
For maximum cooling results freeze bricks overnight:
1°C Brick in standard freezer   -10°C Brick in a -80C Freezer
Multiple Bricks can be used in rotation to maintain desired sample temperature