D-Luciferin Firefly; FREE ACID

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D-Luciferin Firefly, free acid

4,5-Dihydro-2-(6-hydroxy-2-benzothiazolyl)-4-thiazolecarboxylic acid


Luciferin is a common bioluminescent reporter used for in-vivo imaging of the expression of the luc marker gene . It is the substrate for the Firefly luciferase enzyme which utilizes ATP and Mg2+ as co-factors and emits a characteristic yellow-green emission in the presence of oxygen



Color: Off white to light yellow powder


Note: The Free Acid form of Luciferin will not dissolve in water unless a dilute base such as NaOH or KOH is added to adjust the pH. The Potassium or Sodium Salts of Luciferin are more convenient for experiments, particularly for in vivo imaging, since they readily dissolve in water or buffer.


Store at -20 °C and protect from light.


PubChem Chemical ID: 5484207



  • Synonyms: ST50405784, Luciferin, CHEBI:17165, 4,5-Dihydro-2-(6-hydroxy-2-benzothiazolyl)-4-thiazolecarboxylic acid, 2591-17-5, AC1NUNCB, L6152_SIGMA
  • CAS#: 2591-17-5
  • Molecular Formula: C11H8N2O3S2
  • Molecular Weight: 280.330 g/mol



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