Direct Immunoprecipitation

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Immunoprecipitation (IP) is one of the most useful immunochemical techniques. IPs are routinely used to determine  the presence and quantity of an antigen, molecular weight of a polypeptide, rate of synthesis or degradation, identify certain post translational modifications and interactions with other proteins, nucleic acids and ligands. IPs consist of four main steps:
1. Labeling of the antigen (Optional step)
2. Release of antigen by cell lysis
3. Formation of antibody-antigen complexes
4. Purification of the immune complexes.
G-Biosciences Direct Immunoprecipitation kit contains all the reagents necessary to complete all aspects of immunoprecipitation, with the exception of labeling. The kit utilizes our Amine Reactive HOOK™ Activated Agarose to covalently couple the antibody. The covalently coupled antibody is then retained on the agarose during elution preventing contamination of the immunoprecipitated antigen by the antibody. The kit is designed for effective immunoprecipitations using <10µg antibody. The kit is suitable for 50 reactions using 10µl immobilized antibody.



  • Compatible with any species or subclass of antibody, including chicken IgY
  • Not restricted to antibodies, can be used for any potein
  • Minimal antibody contamination



  • Immunoprecipitations with any antibody, including IgY from chicken
  • Immunoprecipitations using non antibody proteins
  • Traditional immunoprecipitations



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