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EDC is a heterobifunctional, water-soluble, zero-length carbodiimide crosslinker that is used to couple carboxyl groups to primary amines. EDC activates carboxyl groups first and forms amine reactive O-acylisourea imtermediate that spontaneously reacts with primary amines to form an amide bond and isourea by-product.


The unstable nature of the intermediate in aqueous solutions makes 2-step coupling, however in conjunction with N-hydroxysuccinimide, a 2-step coupling is possible.


EDC is ideal for peptide immobilization and hapten-carrier protein conjugation.


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  • EDC mediated coupling efficiency improved by N-hydroxysuccinimide
  • Allows for 2-step coupling process
  • Water soluble
  • CAS Number: 25952-53-8
  • Molecular Formula: C8H17N3•HCl
  • Molecular Weight: 191.71 g/mol
  • Spacer Arm (Å): 0
  • Reactive Group: Carbodiimide
  • Reactive Toward: Primary Amine + Carboxyl
  • Membrane Permeable: NO
  • Water Soluble: YES
  • Cleavable/Reversible: NO
  • Reaction pH: 4.7 to 6.0



  • Couple haptens or peptides to carrier proteins
  • Conjugate carboxyl to amine groups in peptides and proteins 
  • Cross link proteins to carboxyl surfaces and beads
  • Convert carboxyls to amine-reactive Sulfo-NHS esters
  • Activate nanoparticles to amine-reactive Sulfo-NHS esters
  • DNA Labeling through 5′ phosphate groups


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