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EndotoxinOUT™ was designed for the rapid removal of endotoxins and pyrogens (LPS, lipopolysaccharides) from nucleic acid (DNA) samples. EndotoxinOUT™ is an ideal product for the cleanup of buffers, cell culture media, protein solutions, nucleic acid (DNA) samples and pharmacological components.


EndotoxinOUT™ consists of 6% cross-linked agarose covalently linked to polymyxin B to bind and remove harmful pyrogens from a solution. Polymyxin B is a family, polymyxin B1 and B2, of antibiotics that bind to the negatively charged site of the lipid A portion of the bacterial lipopolysaccharide layer, neutralizing the endotoxic activity. The covalently coupled agarose and polymyxin B is a stable matrix that resists leaching.


EndotoxinOUT™ kit is supplied with a regneration buffer, endotoxin free water and 5 x 1ml columns.


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  • Polymyxin B Sulfate immobilized on 6% cross-linked agarose
  • Capacity: =9995 endotoxin units (EU) removed by 1ml resin from 5ml test containing 10000EU
  • Minimal leaching
  • Reusable at least 10 times



  • Cleanup of buffers, cell culture media, protein solutions, DNA samples & pharmacological components
  • Rapid 99.95% removal of endotoxins & pyrogens from samples



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