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FASTSilver™ is one of the most rapid and sensitive methods for detecting proteins and nucleic acids fractionated by PAGE. Staining is 100 times more sensitive than Coomassie Blue protein staining and 10 times more sensitive than ethidium bromide for DNA and RNA.


FASTsilver™ is a nanogram-sensitive, silver staining kit that ensures maximum visibility and sensitivity, both needed for critical analysis.


This unique formulation leaves exceptionally crystal clear backgrounds and produces sharp protein bands or nucleic acid images. FASTsilver™ detects as little as one nanogram BSA protein.


Unlike most silver staining kits, FASTsilver™ does not contain the protein modifier glutaraldehyde that makes protein bands unsuitable for protein digestion. Therefore, complete recovery of proteins and trypsin-digested peptides is permitted.


FASTsilver™ also stains nucleic acids and is able to detect as little as 0.3 nanograms.


The FASTsilver™ kit contains ready-to-use reagents for 25 mini gels and a simple protocol that takes as little as 60 minutes to yield perfect results.



  • Nanogram-sensitive
  • Stains both nucleic acids & proteins
  • Maximum visibility: produces crystal clear backgrounds & sharp protein bands
  • Lower Detection Limit: 1ng/band



  • Rapid detection of proteins & nucleic acids in polyacrylamide gels
  • Sensitive silver staining
  • Maximum visibility for critical analysis



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