FOCUS™ Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Proteins

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The FOCUS™ Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Protein Fractionation Kit is supplied with a strong chaotropic extraction buffer to solubilize both cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins, which is fully compatible with 2D gel electrophoresis
The FOCUS™ Cytoplasmic and Nuclear Protein Fractionation Kit is based on the Nuclear & Cytoplasmic Extraction kit; however, it has been modified to be fully compatible with 2D electrophoresis and subsequent downstream processes.
The kit is provided with reagents necessary for fractionation of cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins as well as solubilization buffer suitable for IEF/2D gels for better spot resolution.  The kit is designed for >50 preps, depending on the tissue used, where one prep is 20×106 mammalian cells or 100mg mammalian tissue.



  • Includes chaotropic extraction buffer for solubilization of nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins
  • Fully compatible with 2D analysis 



  • Fractionation of nuclear and cytoplasmic proteins from cells and tissues
  • Suitable for sample preparation for 2D gel electrophoresis and other applications



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