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FOCUS FASTsilver produces crystal clear backgrounds and maximal peptide recovery needed for critical analysis by mass spectrometry.
For mass spectrometry analysis, complete proteolytic digestion and recovery of peptides is required for optimal analysis, however silver ions in traditional silver staining kits inhibit proteolytic digestion. In addition, glutaraldehyde, a common sensitizer in silver stains, modifies peptide lysine residues preventing complete digestion and recovery.
FOCUS FASTsilver produces high quality silver staining without the use of glutaraldehyde and is supplied with a highly efficient silver ion removal reagent, SilverOUT. SilverOUT removes silver ions, which permits complete peptide digestion and extraction of peptides for maximal recovery.



  • Full & Efficient Protease Digestion
    • Supplied with SilverOUT™ to completely remove silver ions that inhibit protease digestion by binding at the active sites of various proteases. This allows for optimal protease digestion.
  • Full and Efficient Recovery of Peptides
    • A glutaraldehyde-free silver stain that results in no lysine modification, protein cross linking or reduced peptide recovery. FOCUS™ FASTsilver™ allows enhanced protease digestion and efficient recovery of digested peptides.
  • Sensitivity
    • ~0.3ng protein and crystal clear background for maximum sensitivity.
  • Short protocol time
    • Protein can be detected in less than 90 minutes.



  • Staining of proteins in electrophoresis gels.
  • Fully compatible with mass spectroscopy analysis.



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