FOCUS™ Membrane Proteins

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FOCUS™ Membrane Proteins is a rapid and highly reproducible method for preparation of membrane or hydrophobic proteins from biological samples for 2D-gel analysis or other applications. Membrane proteins are extracted with a single step phase partition, with an efficiency greater than 90% with minimal cross-contamination from hydrophilic proteins.
The kit is provided with reagents necessary for extraction of membrane proteins and their subsequent preparation for isoelectric focusing or 2D gel resolution for improved spot resolution.

FOCUS™ Membrane Proteins kit is designed for >50 preps, where 1 prep is:

  • 100mg mammalian tissue
  • 50µl wet animal cell pellet
  • 50µl wet yeast pellet
  • 50µl wet bacteria pellet
  • 250mg plant tissue



  •  Phase partition based extraction of membrane proteins.
  •  Fractions suitable for 2D electrophoresis and other applications.



  • Selective fractionation of membrane proteins from tissues, cells, plants, yeast, bacteria, insects, and other sources.
  • Suitable for membrane protein preparation for 2D gel electrophoresis and other applications.



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