G-Sep™ Agarose Fast Flow

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G-Sep™ Agarose 6 Fast Flow (FF) is a gel filtration matrix formed from agarose beads that is based on our cross-linked 6% agarose. 


The modification to the cross-linked 6% agarose to fast flow results in improved physical stability and chromatographic qualities.  The modification makes the resin an ideal base resin for high throughput applications and industrial process separations. The improved rigidity permits higher flow rates resulting in improved resolution in minimum time. 


G-Sep™ Agarose 6 FF can also be used for the immobilization of ligands for improved affinity chromatography.

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  • Matrix: 6% highly cross-linked agarose
  • Bead form: Spherical, diameter 50-160µm
  • pH stability: 3-13
  • pH stability cleaning-in-place (CIP): 2-14
  • Maximum pressure (MPa): 0.3
  • Maximum flow velocity: 450cm/h
  • Fractionation [Mr] globular proteins: 1×104 – 4×106
  • Physical stability: Negligible volume variation due to changes in pH or ionic strength
  • Chemical stability: 6M urea, 8M guanidine hydrochloride, ethanol, DMF, THF, acetone, DMS, chloroform, dichloromethane, dichloroethane, pyridine, triethyl phosphate and acetonitrile.
  • Sterilization: Autoclavable, 121°C, pH 7, for 20 min
  • Storage condition: 4-30ºC, 20% ethanol



  • Gel filtration media
  • Base matrix for coupling affinity ligands



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