Gamma Pipette Shields

£31.00 ex. VAT

Key Features

  • Hand Protection During pipetting
  • Fit a range of pipette brands
  • 12 mm Lead Infused Acrylic for Gamma Protection
  • 0.5 mm Lead Equivalence
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These ranges of pipette guards are designed to be fitted to a pipette and provide protection of the hand during pipetting of radioactive solutions. They are available in both gamma and beta.

SKU Product Variation Price
CSR-PB2G Pipette Shield - Biohit PS1000 Gamma £31.00
CSR-PB1G Pipette Shield - Biohit PS200 Gamma £31.00
CSR-PB3G Pipette Shield - Biohit PS5000 Gamma £31.00
CSR-PG3G Pipette Shield - Gilson P1000 Gamma £31.00
CSR-PG1G Pipette Shield - Gilson P20/100 Gamma £31.00
CSR-PG2G Pipette Shield - Gilson P200 Gamma £31.00