Gamma Radiation Bins

Key Features

  • 12 mm Lead Infused Acrylic for Gamma Protection
  • 0.5mm Lead Equivalence
  • Compatible bags available
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    A range of floor-standing and benchtop bins with anti-slip feet and hinged lids, which serve as an ideal solution for short-term storage of radioactive waste or radioisotopes. Both the Beta and Gamma storage bins are available in six sizes. Optional heavy duty drawstring bags may also be purchased.

    SKU Product Variation Price
    CSR-B1G Gamma Box-1L £776.00
    CSR-B3G Gamma Bin - 3.3L £1,424.00
    CSR-B10G Gamma Bin - 10L £2,354.00
    CSR-B15G Gamma Bin - 15L £2,920.00
    CSR-B20G Gamma Bin - 20L £4,198.00
    CSR-B53G Gamma Bin - 53L £5,703.00