GelGreen™ Stain

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Gel Green nucleic acid stain can be used as a safe and convenient replacement for Ethidium Bromide
(see MSDS in supporting information) in the staining of DNA gels. Because of the non-hazardous status of
this product, gels stained with Gel Green can be disposed of in your regular waste. Gel Green is sensitive
to Blue light, not UV, which removes the need for goggles and masks and at the same time provides additional
end user safety. DNA visualised with Blue light is free from Photo-nicking making it more suitable for downstream
applications such as cloning. Gels stained with Gel Green display a uniform brightness, not half dark, half light
commonly seen with EthBr stained gels.

For best results, use Gel Green in conjunction with Blue light illuminators (see our PrepOne Sapphire Blue light illuminator).

Product concentration: 10,000x in water. 0.5ml