Glycoprotein Staining Kit

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For the highly sensitive detection of glycoproteins following gel electrophoresis (Figure 1) or protein transfer to nitrocellulose membranes (Figure 2).


The kit uses an enhanced Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) method for detection of glycoprotein sugars.  The supplied oxidizing agent first oxidizes the cis-diol sugar groups to aldehydes.  The aldehyde groups react with the sensitive Glyco-Stain Solution forming Schiff bonds and producing strong magenta color bands. 


In addition to glycoprotein staining, the kit is supplied with RAPIDstain™, an enhanced Coomassie stain.  RAPIDstain™ can be used after glycoprotein staining to detect non-glycosylated proteins and the use of the stain enhances glycoprotein staining.


The Glycoprotein Staining kit is highly convenient as all the key reagents required for staining are supplied and a unique positive & negative control is included. In addition, the kit allows for the detection of glycosylated and non-glycosylated proteins on a single gel or membrane.


The Glycoprotein Staining kit is supplied with an enhance Coomassie stain, RAPIDstain™, that enhances the glycoprotein staining as well as staining non-glycosylated proteins (Figure 1B). 


The kit is sufficient for 10 mini gels (8 x 8cm) or 20 nitrocellulose membrane (8 x 8cm). 




  • Specific glycosylated protein staining with optional non-glycosylated protein staining
  • Two stains in one kit
  • Nanogram level sensitivity
  • Stable periodate/Schiff staining



  • Improved detection of glycoproteins
  • Stain polyacrylamide gels or nitrocellulose membranes



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