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HOOK™ BiotinQuant™ uses HABA (2-(4-Hydroxyphenylazo)benzoic acid/ 2-(4′-Hydroxybenzeneazo)benzoic acid/ 4′-Hydroxyazobenzene-2-carboxylic acid) to rapidly estimate the mole-to-mole ratio of biotin to antibody or protein.


The method of biotin incorporation estimation is based on the binding of avidin with HABA dye, which produces a color that can be read at 500nm. The HABA-avidin complex can be displaced with free biotin or biotin conjugated with other molecules (proteins). Measuring the change in optical density of HABA-avidin complex with biotinylated proteins allows for accurate estimation of the molar ration of biotin conjugated to the protein/ antibody.


HOOK™ BiotinQuant™ is supplied with premixed, OneQuant™ HABA/Avidin aliquots to eliminate difficulties in weighing small amounts of reagents and ensuring reproducible estimations.


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  • Accurate estimation of biotin incorporation
  • Supplied with OneQuant™ HABA/Avidin to eliminate waste for weighing small quantities



  •  Estimation of biotin labeling of antibodies and other proteins



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