HOOK™ Dye Labeling Kit (5/6) TAMRA-SE (Rhodamine)

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(5/6) TAMRA-SE (5-(and-6)-Carboxytetramethylrhodamine succinimidyl ester, mixed isomers) is based on tetramethylrhodamine, one of the most common fluorophores used in the labeling of peptides, proteins, nucleic acids and nucleotides.

(5/6) TAMRA absorbs green visible light at 546nm and emits an orange-red visible light at a maximum emission of 575nm.

The NHS ester group provides the simplest and most commonly used group for labeling proteins. The succinimidyl ester group reacts with primary amines in lysine side chains and N-terminal amines forming a stable, covalent amide bond.

This kit utilizes SpinOUT™ desalting columns, for the rapid removal of unconjugated dye.

The (5/6) TAMRA-SE labeling reagent is also available in our single use OneQuant™ format.
This kit is an improvement on Cat. # 786-058 as it offers greater free dye removal and complete coupling in less time.



  • Dye preweighed and supplied in single use OneQuant™ vials (Also available separately).
  • Suitable for most proteins.
  • Utilizes  SpinOUT™ desalting columns, for the rapid removal of unconjugated dye



  • Labeling of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids with a red fluorescent dye.
  • Suitable for antibody labeling.



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