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The use of biotin for non-radioactive labeling of proteins and nucleic acids has now become an increasingly popular technique in life science research. Several factors must be considered when coupling a biotin reagent to a protein to ensure a successful reaction. The primary consideration is the selection of the biotinylation reagent itself. G-Biosciences offers a wide range of biotin reagents with variations in their reactive groups, spacer arm lengths, solubility, membrane permeability and reversibility. All of these factors must be considered and are dependent on your protein or peptide.
Photoreactive agents, on exposure to ultraviolet light, become active and bind non-specifically with neighboring molecules. These reagents are suitable for labeling molecules that do not contain easily reactable functional groups.

Photoreactive reagent HOOK™ Psoralen-PEO-Biotin reacts with and labels nucleic acids and protein molecules. When reacted with nucleic acids, it cross-links with pyrimidine bases. Cross-linking does not interfere with hybridization applications. 



  • Molecular Weight: 688.79
  • Spacer Arm (Å): 36.9
  • Reactive Group: Psoralen
  • Membrane Permeable: NO
  • Water Soluble: YES
  • Cleavable/ Reversible: NO
  • Reaction pH: 4-6



  • For the coupling of biotin to protein photoreactive groups
  • For the labeling of proteins with Psoralen-PEO-Biotin



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