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Hydroxylamine•HCl is a reducing agent that is routinely used for the deacetylation of SATA to form free sulfhydryls (Figure 1), for cleavage of protein cross-linkers that contain carbonyl groups (i.e. EGS) and for mutagenesis of plasmid DNA.



  • Synonym: Hydroxylammonium chloride
  • Linear formula: NH2OH•HCl
  • CAS #. 5470-11-1
  • Molecular weight: 69.49
  • Form: White crystalline powder



  • Expose protected sulfhydryl groups on SAT-modified molecules
  • Cleave carbonyl containing crosslinkers, such as EGS (Ref. 1)
  • Random mutagenesis of plasmid DNA for plasmid shuffle or screening for ts mutants (Ref. 2)



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