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The expression of recombinant proteins is a popular and routinely used technique in protein studies.  The expression of recombinant proteins often has one drawback and that is the recombinant proteins aggregate and form inclusion bodies, especially when expressed at high levels.  The aggregated proteins are difficult to solubilize, due to the nature of aggregates, however we offer a selection of products for dealing with the range of issues involved with solubilizing and recovering active proteins from inclusion bodies.
The IBS™ buffer is specifically developed for solubilization of inclusion bodies. 
Simple to use protocol as inclusion bodies are suspended in IBS™ Buffer, where they readily dissolve releasing the proteins of interest.  Once the inclusion bodies are solubilized, the sample is ready for further analysis and other downstream applications.
IBS™ Buffer system is compatible with widely used protein folding protocols, with NI™ Protein Assay (Cat. # 786-005) and running SDS-PAGE analysis using PAGE-Perfect™ kit
(Cat. # 786-123).
The use of IBS™ Buffer also facilitates the use of PROTEIN-Foldase™ (Cat. # 786-185), a kit for optimizing protein folding procedures.

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