IgG Binding; Wash and Elution Buffers

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G-Biosciences IgG Binding, Wash & Elution Buffers are designed for the non-denaturing, high yield purification of antibodies from IgG affinity purification resins.  The buffers are ideal for the purification of antibodies from  Protein A, Protein G and Protein A/G resins.


IgG Binding Buffer: A neutral, phosphate buffer suitable for equilibrating Protein A, Protein G and Protein A/G resins.


IgG Elution Buffer: Amine based, acidic (pH2.8) buffer


Gentle IgG Elution Buffer: High salt, near neutral, phosphate free buffer.  Elutes antibodies without denaturation or inactivation. 



  • Ready to use
  • Two Elution buffers: Acidic or high salt
  • Convenient sizes



  • Isolation and purification of antibodies



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