Immobilized Heparin

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G-Biosciences Immobilized Heparin is a ready-to-use purification resin for a wide range of proteins.  The resin consists of 6% cross-linked agarose covalently coupled to heparin through amide bonds.  The coupling chemistry used generates a highly stable purification resin that is stable most commonly used buffers and denaturants.


Heparin is a linear glycosaminoglycan composed of equimolar quantites of glucosamine and glucuronic acid, alternatively linked by α(1→4) glycosidic bonds.  A number of its hydroxyl groups are esterified with sulfuric acid moieties and the molecule has a single reducing sugar terminus.  


Due to its structure and biochemical role, Heparin is able to bind a number of proteins, enzymes and polycationic organic compounds.  The binding is either ionically or more specific protein-ligand or enzyme-inhibitor (or enzyme-activator) interactions.


Several classes of proteins can bind to heparin, including:

  1. Coagulation Factors: ATIII, Factors IX, VII, XI, XII and XIIa
  2. Lipoprotein Lipases: By ionic interactions
  3. Lipoproteins: LDL, VLDL, VLDL apoprotein, HDL
  4. Growth Hormones
  5. Growth Factors: FGF, ECGF
  6. DNA- & RNA- Related Enzymes: Polymerases, nucleases, endonucleases
  7. Enzymes: Including collagenase, hyaluronidase, lysozyme, proteases


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