Immobilized Iminobiotin Resin

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Immobilized Iminobiotin Resin consists of iminobiotin, a cyclic guanido analog of biotin, covalently coupled to 6% crosslinked agarose. The resin allows for the purification of avidin, streptavidin and Neutravidin and their subsequent gentle elution using non-denaturing elution buffers.


The normal biotin-avidin complex requires strong denaturing buffers, i.e. 8M guanidine•HCl, to denature the avidin and release the biotin, which obviously destroys the native and functional aspects of the avidin.  The iminobiotin-avidin complex will form at >pH9.5 and can be dissociated at pH4.0 with gentle elution buffers, including 50mM ammonium acetate, pH4.0 with 0.5M NaCl.


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  • Biotin Binding Capacity: >2mg avidin/ml resin
  • No requirement for strong, denaturing elution buffers
  • Elutes at pH4.0



  • Isolation of avidin, streptavidin and Neutravidin complexes



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