Immobilized Monomeric Avidin Resin

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G-Biosciences Immobilized Monomeric Avidin Resin is designed for the simple affinity chromatography purifications of proteins, antibodies and other molecules with a biotin tag.  The resin consists of monomeric subunits of avidin covalently coupled to 6% cross-linked agarose, offering a stable, reusable resin for the purification of biotinylated molecules.


Monomeric avidin offers a distinct advantage over native avidin, a tetrameric molecule, and streptavidin as it has a much lower biotin binding affinity, Kd=10-7 as opposed to Kd=10-15 for native avidin. This lower binding affinity allows elution of molecules with mild elution buffers (2mM D-Biotin in 1X PBS), as opposed to the strong denaturing buffers (8M Guanidine•HCl, pH 1.5) used with native avidin. 


The covalent attachment of monomeric avidin to the agarose ensures no detectable leaching of the avidin during biotin purification and offers a wide tolerance to chemicals.  This ensures the resin can be reused at least 10 times with no loss of function. 


The Immobilized Monomeric Avidin Resin is available as a 50% resin slurry or as a complete kit containing a reusable monomeric avidin column and the respective buffers for successful purification of biotinylated molecules.


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  • Monomeric avidin covalently coupled to ~6% cross linked agarose. Minimal Leaching
  • Binding capacity »1.2mg biotinylated BSA/ml resin
  • Non Denaturing: Elute biotinylated molecules with free biotin
  • Reusable: Reuse the resin at least 10 times (2.5% loss of binding/regeneration)
  • Specific: Retains avidins high specificity for biotin molecules



  • Purification of biotinylated molecules, including:
    • Proteins
    • Antibodies
    • DNA
    • Carbohydrates



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