Immobilized Reductant

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Reducing agents are used in the reduction of disulfide bonds of proteins and peptides.  It is often necessary to remove the reducing agents from the protein/peptide solutions to prevent them from interfering with subsequent procedures.  However, for small proteins, and particularly peptides, it is almost impossible to remove the reducing agent from the protein/peptide using the standard practice of gel filtration, as the small proteins and peptides elute with the reducing agents.


Immobilized Reductant is perfect for the reduction of small proteins and peptides as the reducing agent remains securely bound to the resin.  Immobilized Reductant is an immobilized form of cysteine thiolactone, covalently coupled to agarose beads, that allows for a fast and reliable reduction of disulfide bridges in protein and peptide solutions. Samples remain free from contamination from soluble reducing agents, i.e. DTT, TCEP or ß-Mercaptoethanol, without the need for a gel filtration or other clean up step to remove the reductant.


Our Immobilized Reductant is supplied as 2ml resin (a 50% slurry with 0.05% sodium azide as a preservative) in a spin-format column which can be regenerated and reused for a total of five uses.



  • No contamination from reducing agents
  • No gel filtration or other clean up step required
  • Regenerating, reusable column




  • Reduction of protein and peptide solutions



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