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LightOne qRED Illuminator With Foot Pedal

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The LightOne qRED Illuminator is a compact bench top pipetting aid for enhanced visualization of 96 well plates.
It provides illumination of specific wells during dispensing, and as a stand-alone device, requires no computer interface. The illumination may be advanced manually or automatically with a user-defined time interval with a convenient pause feature included. The LightOne qRED Illuminator reduces errors associated with manual pipetting into 96 well plates, and increases the confidence of the operator in delivering the correct reagent or sample to the intended well.

Another distinct advantage of the qRED system over the standard white light system is that it can be used with qPCR samples without bleaching the dyes commonly used in this technique.


LightOne Unit, Qty:1

Catalog Number:           LI-1300, LightOne qRED
Material:                           White Polycarbonate
Dimensions:                  15.0(w) x 15.0(l) x 1.5(h)cm
Weight:                             295 g
Compatibility:                  96-well plates: Clear/Opaque, Skirted/Non-skirted
Light Source:                  Red LED
Connections:                  Connects to Junction Box

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