Microplate Heat Seals

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Microplate Heat Seals

Vitl Life Science Solutions offer a comprehensive range of foil and film microplate heat seals, designed for sealing various plate formats.

They provide optimum protection against sample loss through evaporation and are ideal for long-term storage.

For best results use Vitl heat seals in conjunction with the VTS and MicroTS heat sealers.

Peelable Pierceable Temp Range Polypropylene Plate (PP) Polyethylene Plate (PE) Polystyrene Plane (PS) COC? Colour Code Catalogue Number Notes
20 μm Heat Sealing Foil -20 – 120°C Green V901002
38 μm Heat Sealing Foil -20 – 110°C Blue V901003 Only peels from PS
68 μm Heat Sealing Foil -80 – 110°C Yellow V901008 Contact us
70 μm Heat Sealing Foil -80 – 80°C Orange V901010 Contact us
70 μm Heat Sealing Foil -80 – 80°C Red V901001 DMSO resistant
75 μm Clear Sealing Film -80 – 80°C 75 μm V901005 Suitable for PCR at 110°C
85 μm Clear Sealing Foil -200 – 110°C Black V901004
105 μm Clear Sealing Film -80 – 180°C Black V901006 Suitable for PCR at 110°C
  • All Vitl heat seals are available in packs of 100 sheets

A simple, yet effective feature of our seals is a written warning that identifies the correct orientation that the foil needs to be so that it seals to the microplate and isn’t stuck to the sealer.

This makes them virtually fool-proof, even when you’re working under pressure.

Bespoke seal types and seal reels are available on request.

Not sure which heat seal is right for you?

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