Multi-Stirrus Tumble Stirrer For Drop-Seq

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DescriptionThe Multi Stirrus™ Tumble Stirrer is a compact (20 x 5 x 5cm) versatile stirrer that can be used in many different ways. Lying flat, the Multi Stirrus™ can be used as a Tumble Stirrer to power Bubble Paddle Reservoirs for keeping cells, beads, and other particulates in suspension. When stood upright it can be used either as a powerful conventional Stir Plate, or as a Lateral Vortex Stirrer for multiple containers such as bottles, tubes, and vials. The Multi Stirrus™ utilizes a 48 MGO Neodymium Iron Boron drive magnet that spins up to 1250 RPM.The compact profile of the stirrer allows easy integration on robotic platforms where space is limited. Accessories are provided so you can choose the type of stirring needed for your application, or buy all for maximum versatility. Accessories currently include an SBS Reservoir holder, other holders for non-SBS Reservoirs, and a stand (VP-710D2-4) to hold the stirrer upright.ApplicationsKeep beads, cells, or particulates in suspension while pipettingStir viscous liquids or make emulsionsStir multiple containers simultaneouslyThoroughly stir solutions with a powerful vortex FeaturesVersatile, economical, and compact StirrerUse as Tumble Stirrer for Bubble Paddle StirringUse as Lateral Vortex Stirrer to stir multiple bottles, tubes, or vialsUse as a powerful Conventional Stir Plate Similar to our Mini Stirrus™Fits easily on robotic workstations