Nourseothricin Sulfate

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Nourseothricin Sulfate

Streptothricin Sulfate, NTC, clonNAT




Norseothricin contains both Streptothricin D (C31H58N12O10) and Streptothricin F (C19H34N8O8) components.


Mode of action and Anti-microbial spectrum Nourseothricin Sulfate is a Streptothricin-class antibiotic that has an extremely broad spectrum of activity against viruses, bacteria, eukaryotic unicellular and complex organisms. Recombinant strains are selected for by the inactivation of NTC by monoacetylation of ß-amino group of the ß-lysine by the product of the sat1 gene, Nouresothricin N-acetyltransferase.


PubChem ID: Streptothricin D=202550, Streptothricin F=197034



  • Synonyms: Racemomycin A, Yazumycin A, Streptothricin VI, Antibiotic S 15-1A, BRN 6031385, Streptothricin, STREPTOTHRICINS,Streptothricin D sulfate
  • CAS#: 96736-11-7
  • Molecular Formula: C31H58N12O10 · C19H34N8O8 · H2SO4
  • Molecular Weight:  1359.47 g/mol



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