Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Extraction Kit

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The Nuclear & Cytoplasmic Extraction Kit is for the enrichment of cytoplasmic and nuclear fractions from cultured cells and tissues. The kit generates a cleaner separation of cytoplasmic proteins from nuclear proteins and is ideal for expression and transport studies. 
This kit is based on organic buffers and contains a proprietary combination of various salts and agents. The kit is provided with reagents for solubilization of nuclear fraction.
This kit is designed for 300 preps, where a prep is a 20µl wet cell pellet of 2 x 106 cells or 200 preps of 20mg tissue.



  • For generation of cytosolic and ultra pure nuclear fractions.
  • Provided with nuclear protein solubilization buffers.



  •  Extraction of cytosolic and nuclear protein fractions for transport studies, electrophoresis and other applications.

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