Nucleotide-Mix 40mM (4x10mM each)

Key Features

Ultrapure Nucleotides as mixture of 10 mM each Nucleotid. Stringent QC at ISO-certificated BULK-Production

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Applications for dNTP mix and dNTP-sets:
– all molecular biology applications 
– reverse transcription
– DNA labeling 
– DNA sequencing

ALL dNTP’s are free of human or bacterial DNA

Description dNTP mix and dNTP-sets:
dNTP-sets from GeneON have PCR Grade and contains four separate tubes of dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP supplied as aqueous solutions at pH 8.5. The dNTP-Mix contains an optimized mixture of dNTP`s with 10 mM of each nucleotide.


Stability tests / Quality Tests

 Quality control dNTP mix and dNTP-sets:
– purity: purity test with RP-HPLC: greater 99 % (stable from lot-to-lot)
– Applification tests:
   Lambda DNA: 18 kb fragment, less than 20 pg template
   RT-PCR: Human DNA, 600 bp fragment, less than 20 pg template
– Free of bacterial – and human DNA
– Free of: DNase, RNase, Protease and no nicking activity
– produced in German factory (ISO: 9001/2001)



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