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The “Critical Micelle Concentration” (CMC) of a detergent varies with temperature, pH, ionic strength, detergent concentration, purity and presence of organic agents in the detergent. Using a large excess of detergent may pose problems during purification procedures or other downstream applications.


A simple hydrophobic dye solubilization method for the determination of CMC has been described (1) and involves the solubilization of a dye in a detergent solution only in the presence of micelles. The amount of dye solubilized is directly proportional to the micelle concentration. The CMC is determined by plotting optical density of the solubilized dye against detergent concentration. The points of inflection on the plot of observed data vs. detergent concentration correspond to the CMC of a typical detergent.


This method is simple and comparable to CMC determined by expensive light scattering or surface tension methods. Furthermore, this method is applicable to all detergents, including steroid based detergents such as CHAPS and deoxycholate, as well as non-steroid detergents like b-octylglucoside.



  • Hydrophobic blue dye coated glass balls that behaves as membrane proteins
  • Add to extraction or perform parallel extractions to ensure complete solubilization
  • Ensures minimal amount of detergent is used for maximum extraction
  • Improve downstream processing results by minimizing detergent concentrations
  • Compatible with all detergent types



  • For establishing an optimal protein extraction protocol



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