OrgoSol DetergentOUT™

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OrgoSol DetergentOUT™ is suitable for removal of detergents from protein solutions, including hydrophobic protein solutions. OrgoSol DetergentOUT™ is compatible with all detergent types and its performance is not dependent on the concentration of detergents in the solution. OrgoSol DetergentOUT™ is highly flexible and can be used to process small and large sample volumes. 
OrgoSol DetergentOUT™ first concentrates the protein solution through precipitation and then the detergent is extracted and removed with the supplied OrgoSol™ buffer. The proprietary precipitation agent ensures >99% protein recovery, however precipitation may result in some loss of a protein’s biological activity.
Two sizes are offered for single or multiple experiments:
  • Micro Kit for processing up to a total of 10ml protein solution
  • Medi Kit for processing up to a total of 30ml protein solution

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For 10ml Sample, For 30ml Sample


OrgoSol DetergentOUT™ (Medi), OrgoSol DetergentOUT™ (Micro)

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